Custom Academic Pathways for Equestrians (K-College)

Hayutin & Associates is the official education sponsor of the 2020 DIHP Winter Circuit in Thermal, California!


We provide a number of vital educational services for competitive equestrians striving for academic and athletic success.


Study Hall:  A supervised study space adjoining the VIP tent with daily and weekly membership options, Thursday through Sunday 


  • A fully furnished, learning-focused environment with AC, Wi-Fi and printer access 

  • Flexible, rider friendly schedules to access by the half-day, full day, or by the week

  • Staffed by our welcoming team of associates

    • Work initiation and redirection as needed

    • Exam proctoring

    • Fully-stocked classroom supplies 


Virtual tutoring: real-time, online support by appointment 


  • Sessions by appointment for K-College subject support, test prep and executive functioning coaching with highly gifted tutors from our Los Angeles team

  • Biweekly session notes on work accomplished and goals for future sessions

  • Use of cutting-edge tools for successful virtual learning (screen share, virtual white board, document cameras)


Educational consulting: expert guidance on your child’s academic plan


  • Curated recommendations of accredited, distance learning programs

  • Custom-built educational plans for credit recovery, acceleration or an academic year

  • On-site and virtual appointments available during the winter circuit

  • Complimentary pop-up events to learn more about specific independent study programs, executive functioning technology tools and apps


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