Educational Therapy

Educational therapists and specialists are trained to work with students with a wide range of diagnosed learning disabilities. Experienced in interpreting neuropsychological assessments, they implement and prioritize specific educational recommendations accordingly.

Areas of expertise and service include:

  • Elementary to young adult learners

  • Specific remedial programming for reading, writing and math

  • Executive Function skill building

  • Foundational skill building within the context of assigned school work

  • Lesson plans and activities using outside curriculum

  • Informal assessments to set academic goals and programs

  • School year and intensive summer remediation

  • Attendance at IEP and other team meetings

  • Collaboration with allied professionals

Educational Therapists & Specialists:

What's the Difference?

Educational Specialists

All of our specialists have a master's degree in education, special education or professional certification in a related field, as well as formal training in remedial programs. 

Educational Therapists

Our educational therapists are specialists who have earned an additional degree or certification from a recognized educational therapy program. 

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