Executive Functioning

Every parent wants to nurture in a child that which is hardest to cultivate: a resilient individual who evolves into a confident, self-sufficient and balanced adult.


Executive Function skill building is the most effective way to engender a host of critical skills in students for the digital age.


That’s why we train our EF coaches in the best practices to instill a range of empowering routines, sustainable study methods and self-advocacy skills. Without strong executive functioning, it’s hard for students to remain nimble in a rapidly evolving educational system. Let us provide the initial scaffolding.


Watch your student stand alone when that support is no longer necessary. With refined models in place for all ages, our EF coaches adapt our program to meet the needs of elementary, middle school, high school, and adult students.

Like any goal worthy of serious pursuit, EF skills cannot be acquired overnight.  Even students who embrace our EF strategies and rituals deserve an academic quarter, semester or even a school year to develop these skills and make enduring gains.


Just as parents know when they’ve raised their children well, we succeed when we work ourselves out of a job.


  • Calendaring, time and task management

  • Physical and digital organization

  • Initiation, self-monitoring, and follow-through

  • Contextualized study skills

  • Self-advocacy and communication with teachers

  • Short and long-term goal setting

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