Independent Study

Some students need an alternative educational path outside of the traditional brick and mortar school experience.  With so many accredited distance learning programs now available online from prestigious universities and dynamic start-up schools, the menu for what is possible continues to evolve.


We partner with families to build custom academic pathways.  From single course to full-time school enrollments, our independent study students receive expert guidance on a wide spectrum of curricular options and delivery models.  We create opportunities for credit recovery, academic acceleration, enrichment and remediation.


  • Consulting on the landscape of accredited academic programs and courses

  • Developing pacing calendars and monitoring progress

  • Delivering instruction at home or in center (Santa Monica or Pasadena)

  • Partnering with schools for pre-approval of course credits

  • Building out daily schedules with peer interactions and extra-curricular activities

  • Communicating with outside support team

After succeeding with one-on-one schooling, many of our full-time K-12 independent study students return to mainstream institutions. Others opt to graduate on an unconventional diploma path with a notably rigorous online program.  Either way, our students keep doors open to matriculate to selective four-year colleges and universities.

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