Our Process


At the point of intake, we want to learn as much as possible about your child. Everything from academic history and learning profile to personality and hobbies is considered carefully when choosing the right tutor match. We love to meet in person when possible both to get the best interpersonal sense of your child and to gain student input and emotional buy-in. When an in-person intake is not viable, we are happy to schedule a lengthy phone intake instead.


Our intake process includes many of the following components:

  • Confidential review of educational testing

  • Consultation with existing team of allied professionals

  • Review of past work samples and current workload

  • Formulation of academic goals and expectations for our services


As a unified team approach promotes cooperation and mutual understanding, we encourage communication between parents, students and tutors with regard to expectations and goals at school and at home.


  • Biweekly session summary notes emailed to parents and designated recipients

  • Clinical supervision provided to your student’s tutor by Hayutin directors

  • Academic resources, tech tools and supplemental curricular recommendations

  • Ongoing family consulting and liaising with school contacts when requested

  • Informed referrals for allied professional services available as needed

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