Colleague Spotlight: CK Curriculum Coaches

Our founder Matthew Hayutin recently talked with two longtime allied colleagues, speech-language pathologist Carol Karp and licensed clinical psychologist Kristina Pappas, about their exciting new collaboration. Beyond their entrepreneurial spirit in these challenging times, we applaud them for developing a critical new way to support parents and children with vital services.

We hope you enjoy some of the video excerpts and transcripts from our lively dialogue.

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“...we began working together over twenty years ago, and we began in a multi-disciplinary evaluation clinic. And at that time, we really realized the importance of collaboration. I learned so much from working with Kristina that when the center closed and we worked independently, we still consulted with each other about cases and strategies. I think this long-term relationship grew out of really successful results.” Carol Karp, M.S., M.Ed., CCC-SLP

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“We have decided to look at three particular areas… Are the skills progressing as they should be? Are they making connections? How engaged are they in this process?” Kristina Pappas, PhD

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“If you have a kid who’s having some challenges, this is the time when they can catch up… this is really kind of a golden opportunity--beyond silver lining! You know, if the kids are moving at a slower pace, then you can really put in a little extra work.” Kristina Pappas, PhD

At Hayutin, everyone is a colleague, not a rival. We are particularly honored to spotlight CK Curriculum Coaches because we believe in their mission of supporting parents and children when they need it most. Carol and Kristina have developed an innovative way to marry their disciplines and our allied community is already hearing about their positive outcomes.

~Matthew Hayutin, M. Ed

Founder & Partner, Hayutin & Associates

About CK Curriculum Coaches

Kristina Pappas, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with an expertise in learning strategies and neuropsychological assessment. After completing a fellowship in neurodevelopmental assessment at Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts, Dr. Pappas worked in Connecticut for an educational consulting firm, Frankenberger and Associates, conducting neurocognitive assessments and facilitating school placements. She then worked on a multidisciplinary team at a nonprofit agency, the Mann Center for Early Education, and she coordinated services as a learning specialist at the Brentwood School, a private K—12 college preparatory school in Los Angeles, California. Currently in private practice, she conducts neuropsychological assessments of students; coordinates services with schools, allied professionals, and parents; and conducts teacher training and parent presentations. An advocate of early identification and intervention, Dr. Pappas helps families to identify a student’s unique learning profile, recognize the demands of the environment, and move toward a positive “environmental fit” for the child.

Carol W. Karp, M.S., M.Ed., CCC-SLP, is a pediatric clinical speech-language pathologist. Carol holds two Master’s Degrees, one in Education and one in Communicative Disorders. She has two teaching credentials and was an elementary school teacher and training teacher for LAUSD. Upon completion of training in communicative disorders Carol was awarded a clinical fellowship at the Neuropsychiatric Institute Hospital (Semel Institute) at UCLA, where she received advanced training in diagnosis and intervention for children with speech and language difficulties. She is one of only a small number Speech and Language Pathologists with this unique dual background. Carol is a consultant to schools throughout the Los Angeles area, working with teachers and administrators to develop strategies for instruction for children with language based learning differences. Her background and education uniquely qualify her to work with students with oral language issues and help them use the strengths they have developed through intervention in their written language. She is the founder of Westside Speech and Language Pathology Associates, Inc. and has conducted a thriving private practice since 1991.

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