In Virtual Solidarity

I still remember the day in early March when we took Hayutin fully virtual in a matter of two business days. No more knocking on doors or ringing doorbells for our local families.

Little did I know we’d evolve so quickly, leaning into the not remotely “new normal” to deliver high level, real-time educational support in many different states for these unprecedented days and months.

We know how blessed we are to even have work, especially when so many others have lost theirs. That’s why we made a huge commitment to ongoing, paid professional development for our educators. And we’ll continue to bring best practices, tools and trends in virtual learning to empower the students we’re proud to serve.

In many ways, our teachers in public, private and parochial schools are like the next wave of first responders for our children this fall. And these students will always be our most precious resource for a shared future. That’s why the schools need our Hayutin educators to stay at home. We all need the schools to reopen as quickly as possible.

In solidarity with school communities everywhere, we remain virtual.

To do our part to contain the spread, we’ll see you on Zoom.

To keep local families and our Hayutin work family safe and healthy, we still can’t knock on your doors.

But here’s the good news about what we CAN offer to make life easier for our students in this great time of need. Check out these curated resources for virtual learners everywhere:

Zoom fatigue is real. It’s also hard for younger kids.

Yet for every hour of group Zoom in school, how much time can a student actually speak up in that room? Ask a question or be heard, instead of muted? Share a laugh or a great new idea?

A one-to-one Zoom with a dedicated, engaging educator is a very different experience from anything group-based. It’s real time, customized, and timed for each learner’s developmental attention span. We were already offering this successfully for all of our out of state students, pre-pandemic.

This is how we shine now.

From all of us at Hayutin, thank you for continuing to partner with us in virtual solidarity. We are here for you, just as you are there for us. We look forward to the day when we can knock on the front doors of our local families and be welcomed back into their homes again, shoulder to shoulder at their tables.

Until then, we’ll continue delivering the best educational experience possible with all of our safety in mind.

~Matthew Hayutin, M. Ed

Founder & Partner, Hayutin & Associates

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