Need a Break from Spring Break?

In case your cooped-up family members need a break from each other, we’re focusing on creative outlets for spring break and beyond.

Consider any of these virtual escapes for an e-getaway.

Book Club

Encourage your children to start a virtual book club with peers. They can even screen share with friends and listen to a feature on Audible or StoryLine Online. Check out these curated book lists by age.

iPhone Photography

Take a look at Apple’s how to guide for some quick tutorials about how to make the most of your iPhone camera. Recommend that your kids venture outside to take photographs of spring flowers and landscapes around your neighborhood.

Creative Writing

Kids can write and illustrate their own digital creations with Book Creator. Write about any topic in the form of poetry, fiction, memoir, and beyond. Daily activities are featured on LitFilmFest to stimulate creativity and increase student interest in writing.


Chrome Music Lab and GroovePizza allow children of all ages to experiment with music, even if they have never played an instrument. This is a great time for musicians to engage in virtual 1:1 lessons and supplement with SmartMusic. Kids can even write their own music on Musescore.

Visual Art

It’s time to unleash your inner artist. Weekly art projects can be found on Doodles Academy. Encourage your kids to try a new type of visual art, including:

  • Comic strips

  • Cartoons

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Sculpture

Call us to discuss setting up virtual support for any of these enriching pursuits. We have a team of creative educators available to support your students.

~Courtney Wittner, M.Ed

Director, Hayutin & Associates

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