We help students make smart choices when planning for these standardized tests. This includes weighing the pros and cons of the SAT and ACT and utilizing practice exams to decide which tests to take and when. Academic planning for any Subject Tests and AP exams are also considered. In all cases, students are equipped with a specific battle plan and trajectory for peak performance.  Many juniors sit for their chosen exam at least twice, preserving the option for any fall retakes in the senior year as necessary.

We backward plan with students to build out session frequency and length as well as weekly homework expectations.  Our average student meets once per week for 1.5-2 hours, with an additional 1.5-2 hours of weekly homework.


In order to build confidence and momentum, tutors partner with students to achieve realistic score goals. Students who prove they can meet their initial targets are encouraged to raise their scores even higher as time permits.


​For a full list of our upcoming SAT and ACT practice test dates, please visit the EVENTS page. Click on the testing service buttons to access updated official information.

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