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Independent Study

Credit Recovery

  • Not happy with your child's final grades?

  • Foreign language and math

  • Bring to life accredited curriculum

Credit Acceleration

  • Take a fun, engaging course (i.e. Forensics Science, Art History)  

  • Explore a course menu not offered at your school






Skill Building

Study Skills

  • Calendaring and task management 

  • Annotation and active reading strategies

  • Notetaking strategies 

  • Physical organization 


  • Students stopped engaging in meaningful   math learning in March

  • Take a full course to review this year’s math concepts and preview next year’s class

Step Up to Writing 

  • Many schools did not have the bandwidth to  do deep dive learning in writing this spring

  • Long-term research project will help students build research skills, writing skills and EF

Test Prep & College Readiness

Test Prep 


  • ACT/SAT prep 

College Readiness 

  • Executive functioning systems set up

  • Plan study habits by course type (lecture   based, writing based, seminar style, etc.)

  • Address weaknesses in writing or study skills

College Application & Essay Support 

  • Jump start on the Common Application

  • Draft the main personal essay 

  • Learn how to research colleges online

Personalized Passion Projects 

  • Customized passion projects for all levels 

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