Test Preparation


We consider each student’s academic and extracurricular commitments as well as stress levels and travel plans in order to recommend an optimal timeline for practice tests and official exams. Now that so many students sit repeatedly for standardized tests, we help them navigate a strategic path to the best possible portfolio of scores.  


We emphasize the importance of strategically timed practice tests in our offices. Full-length practice exams help students and tutors establish baseline numbers, further refine test strategies and target realistic score goals throughout the process. These experiences boost stamina and focus, generate continued motivation for improvement, and maximize performance.


For students with test accommodations, practice exams provide critical experience with requested and approved accommodations in a no-risk environment.


​For a full list of our upcoming practice test dates, please visit our EVENTS page.


Some students make rapid improvements, while others experience slower progress. Although we do not guarantee specific scores, we use performance trends on practice exams to help families arrive at reasonable expectations as official test dates draw near.

Students who consistently complete homework typically experience more dramatic score improvements. If students do the work, commit to the process and utilize their new test taking techniques, they will start to see positive changes in their scores.


Our tutors work hard to help their students remain positive and focused on skill-building without losing perspective.

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